Claire Train

Claire Train
Travel & Foreign Exchange Specialist

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All About Claire

I’ve now worked in the travel industry for 26 years and have spent the last 9 in Miles Morgan Travel’s Wells branch. I’m thrilled to be working with such a great team, and to welcome back a regular customer base, as well as a host of new customers each day. I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively during my time in the industry, experiencing a broad range of holiday types and destinations: from a relaxing cruise down the Rhine to a thrilling Kenyan safari, I really cannot imagine my life without travel.

My favourite two destinations would have to be Thailand and Vietnam. Both are so far removed from English landscapes that these trips in particular felt like real escapes from reality for me, and ones that I’ll never forget. Real beauty can be found in this corner of the world: from bustling cityscapes to stunning temples and the multitude of natural wonders, Thailand and Vietnam make for very diverse countries with something to suit everybody. In Thailand, the beaches and lagoons are heavenly, and would be a fabulous destination for customers searching for a blend of adventure and beach-break. In Vietnam, the history is heartbreaking and there are wonderful tour itineraries that combine cities and excursions out into the natural world. Regardless of how customers choose to travel, I would recommend Thailand and Vietnam all day long, if I could! I’d love to go back.

I’m also a frequent visitor to Spain and Italy, two of my favourite destinations in Europe. Both have delicious cuisine, and while being only a short flight away, have such contrasting cultures to England: a slower pace of life, beautiful beaches, friendly locals and much better weather! Each also boast a huge list of great cities, with picturesque architecture and the exotic Mediterranean atmosphere that makes me feel like I’m on holiday. If I’m ever in doubt of where in the world to go, Spain or Italy will always be a solid choice.

I look forward to meeting you in Miles Morgan Travel’s Wells branch, to help you plan your next dream trip.

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