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Aleksandra’s Mallorca Pirate Night experience


During our trip to Majorca with easyJet, we were lucky to be invited to one of the excursions: The Pirate Adventure Show. It’s a dinner theatre that has been running for over 30 years, and I cannot believe I’ve never heard of it before. It started at 6pm and finished about 8.45pm, the ticket includes dinner and unlimited soft drinks. You can also purchase your own alcoholic drinks and there is always waiting staff around. We were fortunate enough to get VIP Captain tables, so we were well positioned, right in the front of the stage!


We were greeted by a photographer who took a photo of our group which we could purchase for 15 Euros. A drag queen, Madame Fifi, whose sarcastic comments made us laugh right from the beginning. The service was great, once we were seated, a waitress approached promptly explaining the menu, which was a simple but delicious chicken and chips, followed by yummy ice-cream. While we were eating our dinner, children’s interactive entertainment was held on the stage. There were games, battles and opportunities for kids to win treasures. There was also a QR code on the table, which takes you to a draw where you can win a backstage tour after the show. The show started with a performing pirate approaching our table, she introduced herself and explained that we are in the same team, which was a lovely personal touch. So far, I still didn’t really know what to expect, so I waited curiously wondering what was going to happen. Then just when I thought the show was going to be a basic storyline between good versus evil, this is when the magic began. The scenery was beautiful with a ship set on the stage, and some kind of a barrel set behind our table, which made the performing pirates even closer to the audience.


The cast was incredible, they were friendly, smiley and most importantly - ridiculously talented. The choreography of the show was so complex, that it held everyone’s attention as every performer had something different to offer from breathtaking ballet and aerial dancing to impossible human body acrobatic moves. Their strength and flexibility was jaw-dropping. I was shocked at how they could cope physically and I was almost relieved for the dancers when half through the show they notified us of a 15-minute break. During this time, I went to check out their gift shop, which sells lots of Pirate souvenirs, toys and t-shirts and everything is reasonably priced. They then announced the winner of a backstage tour and I was gutted it wasn't us!


The show continued and was absolutely fantastic until the end. Apart from sporadic 'ohs' and 'wows' the audience was completely silent, like everyone was holding their breath in excitement, watching those incredible gymnasts. Overall, I would highly recommend this spectacular show to everyone, it's great for families, couples or parties. The kids entertainment combined with a pinch of satirical adult humour makes it exceptional fun for all ages, and the atmosphere is just magical. I enjoyed every second of it.


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